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New Luxury Hand-Embellished Saunton Print ✨

Updated: Feb 13

Have you ever walked the whole length of Saunton Beach?

Or perhaps looped around from Crow Point to Saunton, hugging Braunton Burrows on your right hand side and gazing right down the stretch of the beach towards Saunton Sands Hotel?

If so, you will recognise this glorious view, captured in oils, acrylic, collage and 24 karat gold leaf.

It feels like another world out there, so far away from the hustle and bustle and complications of life.

Named 'Alegria Sin Fin', meaning 'Endless Joy', this image is a particular favourite of mine.

I have decided to release it as a very special collectors limited edition, with each print hand-embellished with gold leaf by myself.

This means that every single print is a completely unique, one-of-a-kind artwork.

I am only releasing 10 of these images, and I am letting you know about it first.

The prints are made here in beautiful Devon, printed on Somerset Enhanced paper, which is traditionally mould-made from 100% cotton with a natural woollen felt texture, to high archival standards. A paper with genuine artists heritage, approved by the Fine Art Guild in 255gsm.

I use 24 karat gold leaf to embellish the prints, which have the most sublime glow under soft lighting. They look especially incredible during the golden hour as the sun is setting.

The sizes available on my website are A3 and A2, but it is also possible to order A1 and A0 size prints as well. If you are interested in the larger sizes please email me for prices and further details.

The 'Alegria Sin Fin' hand-embellished print is made for you if you are looking to add some luxe to your home.

Or perhaps you know someone who adores long walks on Saunton Beach and would be thrilled to receive this artwork as a completely unique and highly-collectable gift ✨

Sending endless joy to you xx

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