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"If you truly love nature, you will find beauty everywhere" - Vincent Van Gogh
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Amy Jobes is a contemporary landscape painter based in North Devon.

Born in Salisbury in 1982, and now living near Braunton in North Devon, Jobes has spent most of her life living close to National Parks and the ocean. She has been selling her nature-inspired artworks since the age of 15.

After starting a family in 2012, Jobes took a leap of faith and moved from Bristol to North Devon, following her dream of living by the sea and becoming a professional artist.

The huge skies and massive expanses of the local beaches evoke feelings of connection with both our delicate and beautiful natural world, and the sense of space allows for exploration of the mysterious aspects of our higher consciousness.

Emotions recalled by these experiences allow each painting to be created from the heart and filled with soul. Each image is an authentic celebration of the joy experienced when we connect with nature and ourselves.

Jobes works from her log cabin garden studio, close to the rugged and dramatic North Devon coastline.

She shares her paint-splattered home and love of the wild with her husband and two children.


My art is inspired by natural places with huge skies and distant horizons.

I capture my emotional response to these precious, mysterious and amazing places by painting them. By immersing myself in nature and the elements, I fill up my heart. Then I pour it out again onto the canvas.

I feel very lucky to live in North Devon. The gorgeous coastline and endless views of Exmoor are constant sources of inspiration.

Recording the extraordinary beauty and emotive qualities of a landscape is important to me. But equally, I also hope that my art inspires others to enjoy and appreciate the land and ocean in the way I do.

Back in the studio, I am influenced by artists such as Kurt Jackson and Turner. I listen to music as I paint, and often use song titles or lyrics to title my paintings.

Oil paints are my preferred medium.  Oils are rich, velvety and simply gorgeous. I use palette knives to spread the paint like butter, later building on the undercoat with various techniques to create vibrant and textured impressionistic paintings.

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