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Commission a Painting

I love to take commissions and always have a steady stream of them on the go.

An original artwork can take months to create, so please contact me well in advance of any special occasion or date.

I love to hear your ideas and visions for your painting. However, it’s best not to have a rigid idea of the outcome so I can let the oil paints do their thing with a good amount of freedom – this is where the magic happens!

If you would like a bespoke size canvas let me know so I can research availability and work out a price for you.

Things to consider

Is there a particular scene or view point that you would like painted? I specialise in painting the North Devon beaches, but I am open to painting any open natural landscape.

Colour palette
What three colours would you like to be incorporated? I work with a limited palette to unify my paintings, and usually limit my pieces to just three main colours. It’s incredible how many colours and tones can be created from just three hues.

Mixed media
Although I work predominantly with oil paints, I often incorporate mixed media into my work. This can include texture, collage and gold, copper or silver leaf. Do you like to find hidden elements in a painting? Do love the way that gold leaf glimmers and glows in the evening light? Or are you a purest who loves the elegant simplicity of oil paints alone?

Would you like your painting to be cool and calming? Or perhaps energetic and invigorating? The colour palette can influence the mood of a painting, as can the use of brush strokes and mixed media. In landscapes, the weather conditions have a huge influence on the mood of the piece.

If you have a wall ready for hanging your painting, please take measurements so you have an idea of the canvas size. If you’d like to frame your painting bear in mind the additional space this will take up.
Photos of where the painting will be hung are helpful, but not a compulsory requirement.

Your painting will arrive ready to hang, complete with hanging cord and white painted edges. I deliver commissioned pieces unframed.

I am happy to discuss your ideas and requirements on my personal mobile 07837 949797, or you can email an initial commission request to or use the contact form below. I will also talk you through pricing options and timescales.

A 50% deposit is required upon agreement of a commission and I do not accept returns, I will keep you informed of the progress of the painting and payment of the balance is accepted on completion. UK shipping costs are included.

Contact us to find out more

If you would like to discuss a commission please send me an email using the form below:

Thanks for submitting!
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