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Spring Collection 2022

Last year I worked on my 'Dreams' collection - nodding to the notion of following your dreams to create a better life and in turn a better world.

This year my focus is the word 'Infinite'. We live in a world of infinite possibilities. Even though the external world can feel impossible at times, and parts of it are indeed falling apart. If we tap into the infinite energies of our higher selves we are able to access infinite calm, peace and above all, strength.

'Infinite Blue'

My Spring collection is the first of my new 'Infinite' paintings. All inspired by the beautiful expanse of Saunton Sands Beach here in North Devon. At low tide this space can indeed feel infinite, the vastness incredibly rejuvenating.

'Infinite Freedom'

Each one of these pieces has been beautifully framed and they are now available from the lovely Echo Beach Gallery in Ilfracombe. It's easy to find more details - simply click on the paintings you like to be taken to the gallery website.

'Infinite Beauty'

Now more than ever I have been tapping into my intuition - my infinite inner knowing which has never yet let me down. The recent 'narrative wars' have been incredibly draining, with everyone looking for someone to blame for the confusion and chaos. I've had to dig deeper than ever before to find my root, my center and my grounding.

'The Unwinding'

Time at the beach or in nature has always helped me to restore my inner balance. When the world feels like it's unravelling and I begin to feel like a coiled spring, and hour or two in fresh air with crashing waves and huge skies above me allows me to unwind.

''Early Oxygen'

Each of these pieces has been created to encapsulate the sense of gratitude I feel for the healing forces of nature. The last time I came out of the sea I felt so replenished it almost brought me to tears. It's so much more than capturing a beautiful scene - my work is about remembering the connection we all have to our natural world - the real world.


The rise in numbers of people who are also turning to nature for healing and replenishment gives me great hope for the future. Much more hope than the idea that technocratic progress will somehow save us. Like Charles Eisenstein, I believe that life and Earth are sacred, and we need to question whether our actions contribute to more beauty, more love, more wonder and more life.

If you'd like to find out more I recommend the short essay 'Reinventing Progress', which is also available in audio format on Substack.

Thank you for reading and continuing to be part of my journey. I hope you enjoyed your introduction to my Spring Collection 2022.

Sending love and light to you all!

P.s. to view the entire Spring Collection together please visit my profile on the Echo Beach Gallery website

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