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Saunton Aurora: Editors Pick

I was very proud to see that my painting 'Saunton Aurora' was one of the Editor's picks in the recent 'Introducing Seascapes' email from the Visual Artists Association (VAA).

The email was one of the promotions connected to the current VAA International Online Exhibition 2021.

It spotlighted pieces that evoke the multitude of emotions that are aroused by vast coastal landscapes, and linked through to my page on the Visual Artist Association website.

You can browse the exhibition by clicking the image above or the link below:

Saunton Aurora was created with oil, gold leaf and mixed media and is 12 x 16 inches, unframed.

Inspired by the crisp, golden light of dawn at Saunton Beach, North Devon.

With original sketches and photos taken on New Years Day, 2021, 'Saunton Aurora' aims to capture the feelings of hope and promise that are interwoven with the New Year.

Moments like these bring us back to the present moment, and can feel like a piece of heaven on Earth.

Give yourself enough time and you could experience blissful feelings of inner peace, or at least allow some of your cares to fly away on the breeze.

It's so important to allow yourself time to experience this sense of calm. It can carry you through the storms of everyday life - literally and metaphorically! (Written as the wind and rain lashes and howls on this late May evening!).

All pieces are available to buy and 'Saunton Aurora' is no exception. You can find it at 2020 - 2021 unframed price point too!

If you'd like 'Saunton Aurora' to be yours visit my website shop

Wishing you all a lovely weekend full of sun dances. Wow do we need a break from this weather!

With love to all of you Beautiful Ones

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