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New paintings for Springtime

I'd like to invite you to do things a little differently this month.

As we head into the first weekend of March, start by thinking of a time when you felt most like yourself. What were you doing? Where were you? Who were you with?

Do you have something that you used to love doing that has been left behind by the bustle of daily life? Is there anything you can do this weekend to bring you back to it?

Try to carve out a couple of hours where you can completely let go of obligations, the to do list, overt obedience, always saying yes.

Give yourself a chance to really feel alive and reconnect to YOU!

What makes your heart smile? What will be the quantum leap you will take for yourself (and your higher self) this Spring?

'Infinite Origin' in situ, image not to scale

These are thoughts that were swirling around my head as I was painting this gorgeous one-of-a-kind original oil painting.

I named it 'Infinite Origin', as there really are countless ways that we can step off the hamster wheel and reconnect to what makes us most joyful. Reconnect to our original self.

It can be the simplest of things. Just taking five minutes to lift your face to the sun, a hot drink in your hand, paying attention to your breath.

This can be the dose of simple bliss that elevates your day out of the mundane.

I'm so happy to be able to share these two paintings with you first. I loved painting them and they look stunning in these in situ images I have created for them.

'Infinite Origin' is full of sumptuous texture and even has decadent shimmering sweeps of gold paint curving through the sand of the beach.

'Infinite Origin'

Saunton Beach North Devon

Oil and mixed media on canvas

24 x 18 inch


Unframed, ready to hang

This piece is now available to buy, so please contact me if you would like it to join the other artworks in your home.

'Winds of Change', Saunton Beach, North Devon, Oil on board, £395 unframed

'Winds of Change' is a painting with a similar story. Just as quickly as the wind can change direction, we all have the capability to pivot in our lives.

Most of the time it is just ourselves getting in our own way! You deserve to spend time doing what feels most true to you.

'Winds of Change' in situ, image not to scale

'Winds of Change'

Amy Jobes 2022

Saunton Beach, North Devon

Oil and mixed media on canvas board

16 x 12 inches unframed.


Please note this painting will need framing.

As valued members of my inner circle you are first to see these two beauties. I would be so happy to share more details with you if you would like to know more about them. Simply reply to this newletter or email me at to express your interest.

Thanks for reading! Hit reply and let me know what you chose to do to get back to you, I'd love to know.

Much lo

P.s. These are the first of many new works that are becoming available this Spring. A new collection is currently at the framers getting ready for Echo Beach Gallery in Ilfracombe. More information coming soon!

P.p.s I am still spending time working on beautiful new pieces at Saunton Sands Hotel. Click here to discover more.

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