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Join me at the VAA International Online Art Exhibition

Updated: Apr 10, 2021

I'm delighted and honoured to be joining artists from all over the world in this year's Visual Artist Association International Online Exhibition. Over 250 artists are taking part in this exciting event and you are officially invited!

This new ambitious exhibition will transport you across five virtual gallery spaces, where you will be able to experience the finest creativity of the new digital art world.

If you are interested in joining please follow the link below and sign up for updates:

The Visual Artists Association is a professional body for artists across the UK. Find out more on their website Visual Artists Association

About the Artist

Amy Jobes is a contemporary landscape artist based on the North Devon Coast, specialising in evocative impressionistic pieces in oil and mixed media. The huge skies and distant horizons of the local beaches provide her with endless inspiration and a feeling of deep connection to the natural world.

About the Artwork

Here is your exclusive preview of 'Saunton Aurora'

"Saunton Aurora"


16 x 12 inch

Oil, gold leaf and mixed media on canvas

This piece was inspired by the crisp, golden light of dawn at Saunton Beach, North Devon, United Kingdom. With original sketches and photos taken just after dawn on New Years Day, 2021, 'Saunton Aurora' aims to capture the feelings of hope and promise that are interwoven with the New Year.

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