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Gift 'Saunton Glow' this Christmas

Updated: Dec 4, 2021

Seasons Greetings Beautiful Souls!

Welcome to the weekend!

Perhaps like us you are planning to get the Christmas decorations up, and maybe search for some gifts for loved ones too?

'Saunton Glow'

Acrylic ink on paper

70 x 28.5cm

81 x 39cm framed

£295 including delivery

I have three winter collections of original works which I will be making available to you exclusively over this weekend.

Here I present the 'Saunton Glow' collection, inspired by stunning sunsets captured at low tide Saunton Sands, North Devon.

'Saunton Glow I'

Acrylic ink on paper

22 x 15 cm

27 22cm framed

£55 plus £10 delivery

They are original acrylic ink paintings - vibrant high contrast works on paper presented in tasteful contemporary white frames.

It's not easy to capture all of the colours and details in the photographs!

'Saunton Glow II'

Acrylic ink on paper

30 x22 cm

32 x 42cm framed


'Saunton Glow III'

Acrylic ink on paper

30 x 22 cm

32 x 42cm framed

£95 plus £10 delivery

If you are interested in purchasing any of these pieces simply reply to this email. They are one-of-a-kind pieces and are available on a first-come, first-served basis. I am happy to combine postage costs if you buy multiple items.

Painting these was such a joy. The movement is fluid, the colours are luminous and each one captures the exhilarating sense of space you feel when it's low tide at Saunton.

I hope you agree they would make an extra special Christmas gift!

Thank you so much for supporting my small business!

With love

P.s. Once they are gone they are gone! Email me at to order your Saunton Glow painting today

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