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Find your Flow

"When we engage with reality, we stop questioning the purpose of it"

The Flow State is a state of mind in which we are pulled towards big goals, but we are happy in the present moment. It creates feelings of growth and contentment. We stop questioning things and simply enjoy life.

These two oil paintings - 'Infinite Flow 1' and 'Infinite Flow 2' encapsulate this flow state.

When I am painting is the one time in my life when I am truly in the present moment - for elongated periods of time at least!

As an artist I work to deliberately create a flow state of mind when I am painting. To achieve this I often practice yoga or exercise outside in nature before I paint.

I also listen to music to keep me feeling calm and happy while I work.

These oil paintings were not planned - I mixed the colours and let the paint flow over the canvas to find the composition. I followed my intuition rather than allowing my mind to make all the decisions.

When in the flow state hours can pass in minutes. When I paint I have to set an alarm so I don't forget to collect my children from school!

These two paintings are currently on display and for sale at Mill Street Gallery Bideford, as part of their group show named 'Flow'.

The show is running until 19 April and more information can be found on the Mill Street Gallery website linked below:

If you'd like to make an enquiry about either of these pieces please contact Alice via email -

Wishing you all a peaceful weekend. I hope you this has inspired you to do something where you will find your own flow - gardening is a great one! We are hoping to plant some veggie seeds now that the weather is possibly warming up?!

With love

P.s. I have a collection of other oil paintings currently at Mill Street Gallery - to view these please click on this link - enjoy! Amy Jobes collection at Mill Street Gallery

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